11 Oct’2021

Inauguration Ceremony

A spectacular opening ceremony, highlighting the Society’s desire to emerge in sports activity. First ever tournament organized in Loni. Participation of desired and passionate sports athletic made it a successful memorable event.

12 Oct 2021


Carrom a table top game . 120 participants had registered with us in tournament all across the city. Various categories were played under Like Single player , Double . The active involvement in the game with pro players.

12 oct 2021


Today, chess is one of the world’s most popular games, played by millions of people worldwide. It helps the young children in building their mind as it activates neurons in our brain which is helpful in skill development and increasing concentration power of the player.

13 Oct 2021


Badminton is an outdoor sport which is played with the help of racquets and shuttles across a net. The most common forms of this sport are singles and doubles. It helps in increasing physical and mental stability of our body.

13 Oct’2021


Cricket is a bat-and-ball sport that is played between two teams of eleven players on a field that has a wicket at each end made up of two bails balanced on three stumps. The pitch measures 22 yards (20 metres) in length. Playing Cricket helps in the cheering up of the team  work.  

13 Oct 2021


A game where all physic freak participated not just with objective of entertainment but to boost their physical strength too and at the end the finalist team exhibited their phenomenal performance.

14 Oct’2021


Athletics has always been a major part of the sports history. As in previous years, we are pleased to have over 1000 runners registered and participated. We have again organized the running tournament in the category 100m, 200m & 4x100m Relay.

14 Oct 2021


The game which requires both mental as well as physical efforts of player . both the teams must have a top physic to play the game with deep interest and sustain the defeat. 

15 Oct’2021

Long Jump

This is the game which requires the flexibility as well as stamina of a player it ha also found a popular face in Olympics. 

15 Oct 2021

Javelin Throw

Javelin throw has caught a huge popularity since the year 2021 Olympic when India won medals and just after that the frequency of participant increased in this game. 

15 Oct’2021

Shot Put

Shot put is the game where the entire weight of the player is used to throw the maximum pound of ball to the distance. It requires a lot of practice and muscle strength. 

15 Oct 2021

Table Tennis

The only game which acquires less space but great physic and sharps brain , it also be played in doubles (men, women) which requires a top level of coordination.

16 Oct’2021

Tug-of War

tug of war a game of tussle where power with technique matters most and a top level of coordination. it requires a wonderful training of any specialist. 

16 Oct 2021

Special Games For Kids & Ladies

we have some special games for ladies and kids where our motto is to make the housewives and little primary school kids happy and inspire them to stay fit along their home chores. 

17 Oct’2021

Award Distribution

Our award distribution ceremony was celebrated with huge presence of spectators and their family members the presence of our chief gust family added glory in the event. 

Player Participated





Our aim is to brush up the hidden sport’s talent out of every child and provide them a platform to exhibit their potential and we would also take care of their ambitions for the future.

We can interact directly with youth who are disturbed and discouraged, through this we are aiming to encourage the participants for their future. It will lead them towards many more opportunities.

Our strategy is to provide a better atmosphere to children and a healthy environment to develop skills.