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A Narrative of spirituality is a series of conversations with thought leaders, spiritual teachers and practitioners about how they see the significance of spirituality in our personal and public lives.

We are Das Gurukul, we have taken a pledge to bring back the spirituality which is being underestimated somewhere in this modern era.

The traffic of thoughts has hijacked our brain completely, in order to reestablish peace and prosperity Das Gurukul is running drives in many states of India by coordinating with the local authorities and academic institutions

Our mission

Social Welfare

Inner Happiness

Giving without Expectations

Trust with Faith

Vanishing Ego out of the Mind

Selfless Serving

Spiritual Education

Ideal Character Building

Individual Integrity

Our vision

Das Gurukul enhances the physical, mental and spiritual development of children and brings back the lost culture of India and traditional techniques of teaching irrespective of their economical and social background.

Gurukul provides spiritual education mentoring the youth on the journey of enlightenment, selfless service and meditative practices.

Our story

Das Gurukul was formed during the lockdown of 2020, offering free education to underprivileged children and students attending government schools who do not have access to extracurricular activities and tuition.

Students have had an opportunity to tour North India and execute the Prime Minister’s initiative to clean India Abhiyan. They also get involved in sports activities, food and plantation drives.

What we Do

Our primary causes

Today’s youth is entangled with desires and deeds that are uncontrollable and unmeasurable by the hectic state of mind. It is the need of the hour to enlighten the distracted youth towards self-awakening.

We provide life-focused sessions and spiritual guidance to lead the youth of our time towards a healthier and brighter future. Today’s youth is the future of our nation, the more the youth understand their importance, the more they will contribute to community service.

To start with, Das Gurukul provides free educational classes to the children providing them quality curriculum embedded with cultural and spiritual values.


why spirituality?

Fear of losing, unconditional thoughts, mood swings & materialistic traps; Spirituality is the only way to handle and overcome these conditions.

Food Bank

“Right to Food” is the birthright of every citizen. We are continuously putting our efforts into this lead by implementing midday meal programs and other food distribution campaigns.

Cloth Bank

Clothing is the primary need of humankind. The underprivileged members of society are helped by this community service.

Book Bank

No one should be deprived of education due to the lack of study material. Das Gurukul facilitates this need by providing open to all book bank.

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