Spirit + Quality = Spirituality

There is no other way to improve the quality of spirit than spirituality.

Out the Doubts

The awareness of Youth towards the path of Spirituality through Spiritual sessions,
Cleanliness drives and various other Programmes.

Seek Spiritual Science

An initiative to connect youth to spirituality and teach to balance both materialistic world and spiritual world.

Spiritual session

We have enlightened the path of spirituality to youth

Spiritual Sessions play a major role so that one can get to know themselves. It consists of spiritual counseling, on a one-to-one basis. The preaching within the session will enhance to enlighten your spiritual growth. These sessions are interactive and highly informational, where one can ask about their success in life, educational growth and personality development.




Our Initiative

Free Education

Costly education is no more a “burden for anyone” as we are successfully running free of cost online and offline classes all over India. Let the future of our children shine.

Plantation Drive

“Plant a seed now and the future will prevail in its shed”. It’s the need of the hour to participate in such drives to have healthier and brighter days ahead. Come and be a part of this revolution.

Cleanliness Drive

“We are in existence because our environment is still surviving”. We have degraded our nature very critically; in order to make a change, we are consistently putting efforts towards cleanliness drives.

Retun to Society

It should be our moral responsibility to give back to society so that our nation’s future children won’t face any hurdle in there educational growth. Contribution can be in term of your unusable stuff (cloths, books, medicines & stationery), services, goods and monetary help.


Your view about the session!


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Das Gurukul is an innovative way to start your spiritual growth using the materialistic resources. It was very Immenseful to attend the sessions at Das Gurukul.



There are lots of things which mostly attract me towards das gurukul such as the all people are treated equally there; as well as the way of giving free education is also one of them. In das gurukul, I learnt that how we can do social work and also the spiritual sessions are helpful for me to learn about new things related to spiritualty.



Das Gurukul performs the community service. They also provides the spiritual sessions to the youth which is very helpful for our generation. I recommend you to attend Das Gurukul sessions and do something for our country.

Arshdeep Singh

MCA Student

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